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The Nursery Room Raccoon TV Episode | Professional Comments | Billy The Exterminator

The Nursery Room Raccoon TV Episode-Animal Planet

Professional  Comments -

I as a professional know that much of what is done for the Billy The Exterminators Shows are staged . But we as professionals have always noted  a few errors & omissions that I feel are important for the general public to understand our work better.

I invite all nuisance wildlife control professionals to comment  on this raccoon removal episode and future raccoon removal episodes.

Robb Russell, The Wildlife Pro Network

Our services areas include all of Central Georgia including the following Counties and cities;
Bibb (Macon)
Butts (Jackson, Flovilla, Indian Springs, Jenkinsburg)
Clayton, (Jonesboro, Riverdale, Morrow, Forest Park,
Conley, Rex, Lovejoy)
Coweta (Newnan, Grantville, Sharpsburg, Senoia)
Crawford (Knoxville, Roberta, Musella)
Dekalb (Decatur, Stone Mountain, Lithonia, Tucker,
Dunwoody, Doraville, Druid Hills, Chamblee,
Fayette (Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Tyrone, Starrs Mill,
Brooks, Woolsey)
Fulton (Atlanta, Union City, College Park, Fairburn,
East Point, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Roswell)
Henry (McDonough, Hampton, Stockbridge, Locust Grove)
Jasper (Monticello)
Jones (Gray, Clinton)
Lamar (Barnesville, Milner)
Meriweather (Greensville, Warm Springs, Luthersville, Gay)
Monroe (Forsyth, Juliette, Culloden, High Falls)
Newton (Covington, Oxford, Porterdale, Mansfield)
Pike (Zebulon, Williamson, Hollonville, Concord, Molena,
Rockdale (Conyers, Milstead)
Spalding (Griffin, Orchard Hill, Sunny Side)
Taylor (Butler, Mauk)
Talbot (Talbotton, Geneva)
Upson (Thomaston, The Rock, Yatesville)
Walton (Monroe, Social Circle)
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Bird Control

 Bird Pest Control Atlanta Macon GA

Pigeon Removal Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta Pigeon Control

Atlanta Bird Control

If you need bird pest control in Atlanta for pigeons, cormorants, crows, geese, gulls, sparrows, starlings, robins, doves, ducks, grackles, woodpeckers, swallows and more.

Bird Control Specialist Atlanta

Fulton, Fayette, Spaulding, Butts, Bibb, Jasper Counties in Georgia.

Bird Exterminators Macon

Atlanta’s answer to putting an end to pigeon poop and bird control problems. Balcony cleaning, bird netting. Pigeons – Pest Bird Control  swallows, sparrows.

Atlanta Pigeon Poop Cleaning

We offer bird poop cleaning, bird shit removal, bird crap clean up . We offer professional cleaning and removal of bird feces. We can help you with the prevention of future damage caused by birds, protect you, your family and clientelle from hazards caused by birds.

Atlanta Bird Control For Restaurant Patios

Having dinner downtown and out on the open air has a certain atmosphere and all it takes are birds, pigeons to both wreck the moment and your business. Have a restaurant with bird control problems we can help  - but you have to call to get us on your side!

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Armadillo Removal

Atlanta Macon Peachtree City

We understand armadillos and the many problems that they create. The armadillo does not really bite because they have very small mouths and  but they have very powerful claws which attributed to armadillo damage to lawns, gardens, landscaping, plumbing,  electrical wires, underground  cables etc.  They can even dig under pools and cause them to crack and leak.

 Armadillo Removal Atlanta

Armadillo Removal Macon

Armadillo damage is why we are hired to trap and remove all armadillos from  our customers properties. Yes we know how to trap armadillos. We can help you get rid of your armadillo problems and concerns. We provide armadillo trapping , armadillo control and armadillo removal  services in Fulton, Fayette, Spaulding, Butts, Bibb, Jasper Counties in Georgia.


Armadillos are probably  one of the strangest looking creatures you can  find here in North America. They remind me of little odd looking armored dinosaurs running around in the 21st century. They are actually not of this world and are another immigration problem of the invading wildlife kind.

The armadillo is actually a native of Central and South America and mainly in Paraquay. Some species groups, such as the long-nosed armadillos, are widely distributed over the Americas, whereas others, such as the fairy armadillos only found in South America.

The nine-banded armadillo, (Dasypus novemcinctus), is found in the United States, primarily in the south central states (notably Texas), but with a range that extends as far east as South Carolina and Florida and as far north as Nebraska; they have been consistently expanding their range in North America over the last century due to a lack of natural predators, and have been found as far north as southern Illinois and Indiana.

Atlanta Armadillo Removal

The armadillo is commonly found dead as road kill on the side of the road. One of the primitive ways this species defends itself is it jumps very high when it gets scared. Well sadly  the armadillo has not evolved and  not learned  to jump into traffic when a car scares them  collides with the undercarriage or fenders of passing vehicles . I have read reports of armadillos known to occasionally jump high enough  to smash car windows on smaller chassis vehicles. Ouch !!

 Look Back At Yesterday

The armadillo has a leathery shell which has some value but few deal in the trade and sale of armadillo skins anymore. We don’t sell armadillo skins are any


One of the mos beautiful  adaptations I have ever seen done with armadillo skin would be this vintage armadillo skin purse.

 early 1920s art nouveau style

Vintage armadillo skin purse.

Rare leather purse, uniquely bizarre! Perfect for a taxidermy enthusiast. Rhinestone eyes, mirror inside of bag. Metal and early plastic clasp on front, reminiscent of early 1920s art nouveau style. Lined interior. Ready for your next adventure!

Length: 10 1/2″
Wide: 6 1/2″

For other rad Bags 

Atlanta Wildlife Rehabilitation Care Providers |

Sandy Springs Skyline
Atlanta Area Wildlife  Rehabilitation
Georgia, Central Region (Atlanta)
Sue Barnard, Basically Bats-Wildlife (exec. director), lead keeper of reptiles at Zoo Atlanta
Specialty: bats and reptiles; author of “Bats In Captivity”, and numerous reptile books
Georgia, Central region (Atlanta)….. 770-653-9199
Carolyn Karrh, Cottontail Rehab
Wildlife Species: wild baby cottontail rabbits only; will also take adult wild cottontail rabbits (sick or injured)
Comments: Veterinary Technician and vet student
Georgia, Central region (Atlanta)….. 770-720-1847
Monteen McCord (Director/Master Falconer), HawkTalk, Speaking For The Wild
Wildlife Species: Raptors ONLY
Georgia, Central region (Atlanta)….. 404-255-0079 (home) or 404-944-6770 (cell)
Sandy Mitchell, Wildlife Care of Sandy Springs
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